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Mineral prospecting and research are key activities for the implementation of any mining venture.


Pegran Mining is a company that has more than 15 years of history in mineral research and specializes in the extraction of ornamental rock from exotic materials. Always with dedication and commitment, our mission is always to take the most beautiful of nature directly to our most demanding clients targeting at quality and commitment to the environment.

Focusing on the continuous improvement of our entire process, Pegran Mining invests in qualified and experienced Human resources, adding knowledge alongside the advanced technology of our machinery, improving our processes every day. We have a team of professionals in the administrative and production area who use modern concepts of management and process. The objective is to provide quality products always focused on the sustainability of Mineral resources.

Going beyond the expectations of our customers satisfaction is our goal, providing the quality of services and products we offer and it is for this reason that we are always innovating with research and exclusive materials to guarantee the quality and the beautiful original characteristics of the natural resources.



Pegran Mining has responsibility and commitment to the environment. In order to promote environmental sustainability with a focus on the economic growth of the community, Pegran Mining always seeks socio-environmental alternatives to develop social projects with its collaborators and communities, contributing to the development in the region of its Quarries.

Another aspect of high relevance for the company, refers to the treatment of reforestation and management of the local ecosystem, towards to help and ensure that the environment is not negatively impacted, but in a conscious and sustainable way.

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